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One of the calls we get the most often are for garage door remote controls. Garage doors have a lot of working parts. Despite all the working parts, garage door remote controls can receive the most damage sometimes. Garage Door remote controls can be lost easily too. Call us for help with your garage door remote control Riverside or read more to find out about common issues with garage door remotes.

Lost Garage Door Remotes

Garage door remote controls are the only part of a garage door system that is easy to lose. Garage door remotes usually have a metal clip on the back that allows them to be attached to a vehicle visor. Once the clip is broken or not attached, the remote can be lost quite easily. That is why we get a large amount of calls for garage door remote control replacement. One of the best things you can do once a garage door loses its clip is replace it. You may also want to attach velcro to the back of your garage door opener and visor. It is a simple solution that can save you from having to replace the garage door remote once it is lost.

The First Thing To Check

The first thing you should always do is check your batteries to see if they are working. Garage door remotes don’t take standard sizes of batteries such as AA or AAA. They are smaller batteries that can be difficult to find at some stores. They are not sold very often in stores either, that means that the prices are pretty high too. We keep batteries in stock for most garage doors because we know they are difficult to find. If you are able to find batteries at a local store, replace the batteries in the garage door remote to see if that fixes the problem.

If that does not fix the problem make sure your garage door motor is working properly. Press the button attached to the garage door system. The garage door remote control is likely broken if the garage door opens with the button and the batteries have been replaced. The good news is garage door remote control replacements are much more inexpensive than garage door repair.

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Our garage door repair company is here to help you with your garage door remote control needs. Please call us if you need garage door remote control replacement. We look forward to helping you with all of your garage door remote control needs. If you would like to find out more about our company, you can read the homepage of our website or more about garage door repair.