Garage Door Installation Riverside

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Ready for a new garage door and looking for a company to hire for garage door installation Riverside? Automated Garage Door Systems is pleased to see you have made it to our website. We are one of the most well respected garage door companies in Riverside CA. Whether you just want a garage door that is simple and gets the job done or you want a custom garage door, we have what you are looking for. We have quite a few of the options available to you listed on our garage door gallery page. Call us to discuss your garage door installation needs, we look forward to speaking with you. Additionally, you can read more about our company below.

Who is Automated Garage Door Systems?

We are a husband and wife team and embody the very meaning of the term small business. Our garage door repair company likes working with people that truly need our help. There are some garage door companies that are willing to give dishonest assessements of a garage door. Our company’s experience and integrity ensures that you will receive an accurate assessment and price. Automated Garage Door Systems wants to be your garage door repair company forever. We have customers that have been life long customers of our company. Our hope is that you will give us the opportunity to make you another one of our satisfied long term customers.

Committed to Quality

Automated Garage Door Systems has been serving the Riverside community for 25 years. During our last 25 years, we have had the privilege of growing with the Riverside community. Many things have changed over our the last couple of decades. What has not changed is our commitment to our customers. We are committed to providing the best quality of service possible at reasonable prices. You will find that there are few companies that are willing to go the extra mile these days. The experience you have with our company is paramount to the success of our company. We do not take our responsibility to provie you with outstanding service lightly. Our company is unequivocally committed to quality.

Call Us

Call us today to discuss garage door installation Riverside residents. You will not be sorry that you did. We will walk you through the entire process. We look forward to working with you. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you.

Garage Door Repair Riverside 92503

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Need garage door repair Riverside 92503? Automated Garage Door Systems is the right garage door repair company to hire. We are one of the most reliable, experienced and affordable garage door services in Riverside. Call us to get a quote on garage door repair services or garage door installation. You will be speaking with me, Tammy Pickard, or David Pickard. We are a husband and wife team that works together to provide you with the best possible customer experience we can.

We Have Seen It All!

Customer Care

In our over 25 years in the business, we have seen it all We have seen companies come and go. Most companies do not make it in the garage door industry. This is usually due to a lack of putting customers needs first. Customers are the most important part of any business, and so many companies do not value their customers the way they should. This is particularly true in the service industry. Some garage door companies don’t care about their customers’ happiness because they have the “we can always get more customers mentality.” This may have been true in the days when people used phone books to find businesses. Today, consumers are able to make people aware of their experience with a company in a more public and direct manner. If garage door repair companies do not provide a good experience to their customers, they will not be able to get new customers. Customer care is the most important part of our company. We have always understood that customers are the most important part of our company and always will be.

Quality of Service

At Automated Garage Door Systems, quality of service is always imperative. Automated Garage Door Systems strives to make sure the quality of the service we offer is aways up to par. We never want to offer service that is less than our best. If you want a garage door repair company in Riverside that goes the extra mile you have found them. Quality of garage doors, garage door parts, and service makes a big difference. Our garage door repair company understands the importance of unwavering dedication to quality service. We will always make sure we are leading by example.

Call Us Today

When you are looking for garage door repair Riverside 92503, there is no better company to call than Automated Garage Door Systems. Let us show you why we are the leaders in the local garage door repair industry.

Can Sunlight Keep My Garage Door From Closing?

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Our company likes to be direct because we know your time is valuable. Sunlight can keep your garage door from closing.

The Process

We have shown up to a number of different clients house after they placed a call because their garage door refused to close. Then we simply pushed the button and the garage door worked just fine. There is always a moment where we are surprised and the customer is baffled. Then we eventually find no other issues such as a sensors being misaligned. That is usually when we start questioning the time of day when the issue first took place. If the issue first started in the morning or evening it is a good sign that sunlight is the culprit.

The Problem

Most garage doors use infrared light sensors. These sensors are put into place to protect people, animals and possessions from harm. A garage door will not close if something interrupts the path between the two sensors. When the lumens of light from the sun surpass that of the infrared sensor light, the sensors are not able to signal to one another. That is why the garage door will not close. The sunlight usually has to be going directly into one of the sensors to cause this to happen. During the morning and evening the sun is low enough to allow light to reach the sensors.

The Solution

You can hold your garage door closing button on most models and the garage door will close regardless of sensor communication. You can also block the sunlight from reaching the sensor and use the garage door remote to close the garage door. Most people opt to hold the garage door closing button within the garage.

We hope this article helps you with your garage door issues. If you need a garage door repair company in Riverside or just simply have questions, do not hesitate to call us or email us your garage door questions. Below are some links to other helpful articles.

Should I use WD-40 to lubricate my garage door?
Why Did My Garage Door fall off the Tracks?

Should I Use WD-40 to Lubricate my Garage Door?

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Our company gets asked often, “should I use WD-40 to lubricate my garage door?” We are not going to make you dig in this article for the answer to this question. The answer is no. Using WD-40 as a lubricant is not the best idea.

Why you shouldn’t use it as a lubricant on garage doors.

Let us first of all say that WD-40 can be used on garage doors. It is very helpful in the garage door repair process. However, it should not be used to lubricate parts on a garage door. A vast majority of individuals think that WD-40’s primary purpose is to lubricate moving parts. However, that is just not the case. WD-40 is best used as a cleaner because it contains solvents used to clean off dirt and even rust. It is one of the most effective ways to clean dirt, sand, and other lubricants off of moving parts. Using only WD-40 on a garage door will cause parts to deteriorate at a much more rapid rate.

Proper Usage on a Garage Door

WD-40 should be used to clear off existing lubricant and dirt on a garage door. Then a lubricant should be applied to the necessary parts of the garage door. Our garage door repair company has worked on a large number of garage doors with corrosion due to improper use of solvent based products. Serious damage can be done to a garage door by using WD-40 improperly.

Have more questions or need help?

Do you have more questions about your garage door? Are you looking for a garage door repair company in Riverside? Automated Garage Door Systems is the right company to call for all of your garage door repair needs and questions. You may be able to find more useful information on our blog. We are also working on creating a “submit a question to the experts” feature on our website. This will allow you to ask us questions easily so we can answer them. We may even feature your question on our website. We look forward to helping you with all of your garage door repair needs.

Why Did My Garage Door Fall off the Tracks?

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There are a number of different reasons a garage door will fall off the tracks. We will discuss some of those reasons in this article. Some people may say, “why do I need to know why my garage door may fall off of it’s tracks?” Understanding what causes garage doors to come off the tracks can allow you to keep an eye on potential problems. Garage doors that fall of the tracks are extremely dangerous. They can cause serious injury. Becoming more educated about preventative measures can keep you and your loved ones safer around garage doors. This article will help you understand some of the reasons your garage door may fall or have fallen off the tracks.

Garage Door Rollers

If one of your garage door rollers breaks, it can cause extra tension to be put on the other rollers. The extra tension can cause other rollers to break or even fall of the track. Additional weight placed on other rollers can also cause the track to bend. (This is particularly true with older-heavier wooden garage doors) When the track twists it decreases the depth of the lip that holds the rollers in place. That makes rollers one of the most common reasons garage doors fall off the track.

Garage door rollers are one of the most critical elements of a garage door. You can find garage door rollers attached to both sides of a garage door. Garage door rollers keep extend from the garage door on a metal stem that is housed inside of a hollow shaft. The metal stem extends out to the roller which rests inside of the metal garage door track. There are different types of garage door rollers and each one has a different lifespan. There are plastic, nylon and steel wheels. Plastic wheels will break over time due to environmental factors and repetitive mechanical motion. Plastic wheels are not recommended. Steel rollers last a long period of time but they tend to be quite noisy. New garage doors most commonly have steel rollers. Most people like to have nylon rollers because they can a long lifespan and are very quiet as well. We recommend using nylon rollers on your garage doors.

Furthermore, some garage door rollers have bearings and some do not. Rollers with bearings will last much longer and are recommended. However, rollers with bearings should be lubricated once every 6 months.

Broken Cable

There are cables attached to each side of a garage door. When the garage door closes the cable unwinds from the “drums”. When one of the cables breaks it puts the entire weight of the garage door on one side. The garage door cannot hold it’s entire weight on one side. This normally results in one side of a garage door closing entirely while another is still left in the air. The unbalanced weight can cause rollers to come off the track in addition to the broken cable. Regular inspection of the garage door cables can help avoid breakage.

Bent Tracks

Bent garage door tracks can happen in a number of different ways. Most times it is a sign of other problems with a garage door system. Garage door tracks can even get bent through improper garage door repair. We have seen many garage door tracks that have been bent by other garage door companies during roller replacement. One of the most common techniques for roller replacement involves bending the track and then having it reset into place. Inexperienced garage door repair companies sometimes forget to put the track back in place. While the garage door may work smoothly for a short time it will inevitably fall off the track.

User Error

More often than not a garage door falls off it’s tracks due to what we like to call user error. Almost everyone has done it, we get into our vehicle that is still inside the garage and forget that we have not opened the garage door yet. We put the vehicle in reverse and begin backing up before we realize we forgot to open the garage door. When a garage door is hit by a vehicle it causes damage to the door panels as well as the system itself. Several rollers usually come off the track which leaves the garage door hanging in a precarious position. The best thing you can do is to put the car in park and exit the vehicle carefully and move out of the way quickly. Do not attempt to move the vehicle. It can cause more damage to the vehicle and the garage door as well. The best thing you can do is call a local garage door company.

We hope this article helps you avoid problems with your garage door in the future.