Garage Door Repair Companies Riverside

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You are here because you have likely searched through the garage door companies Riverside has to offer. We are pleased to see you are considering using our company, Automated Garage Door Systems. When you choose our company, you will find we are one of the best garage door companies Riverside can offer.

Years of Experience

Years of experience matter a great deal when it comes to a garage door company. When a garage door company maintains a great reputation for over 25 years, it means much more than a company that has maintained a great reputation for only 2 years. There are not many garage door companies in Riverside that have been in business for 25 years. Experience is crucial when it comes to garage doors. Garage doors have a lot of different parts and variables. We are able to correctly identify problems with garage doors with a degree of accuracy that is unparalleled. Our ability to identify issues correctly allows you to save time and money.

Our Customers Come First

We have stayed in business and maintained a great reputation by always putting customers first. That is exactly what we will do when you hire our company, we will always put you first. Our customers are the most important thing to our business. We genuinely care about our customers. Our company always goes the extra mile to make sure we are providing the highest quality of service. Our goal is to make each and every one of our service call customers into a long term client. Most of our clients have been using us for decades. Call a garage door company who will put you first.

You will see we are one of the best garage door companies Riverside has to offer. Call us to schedule an appointment for garage door repair or installation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Garage Door Remote Controls Riverside

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One of the calls we get the most often are for garage door remote controls. Garage doors have a lot of working parts. Despite all the working parts, garage door remote controls can receive the most damage sometimes. Garage Door remote controls can be lost easily too. Call us for help with your garage door remote control Riverside or read more to find out about common issues with garage door remotes.

Lost Garage Door Remotes

Garage door remote controls are the only part of a garage door system that is easy to lose. Garage door remotes usually have a metal clip on the back that allows them to be attached to a vehicle visor. Once the clip is broken or not attached, the remote can be lost quite easily. That is why we get a large amount of calls for garage door remote control replacement. One of the best things you can do once a garage door loses its clip is replace it. You may also want to attach velcro to the back of your garage door opener and visor. It is a simple solution that can save you from having to replace the garage door remote once it is lost.

The First Thing To Check

The first thing you should always do is check your batteries to see if they are working. Garage door remotes don’t take standard sizes of batteries such as AA or AAA. They are smaller batteries that can be difficult to find at some stores. They are not sold very often in stores either, that means that the prices are pretty high too. We keep batteries in stock for most garage doors because we know they are difficult to find. If you are able to find batteries at a local store, replace the batteries in the garage door remote to see if that fixes the problem.

If that does not fix the problem make sure your garage door motor is working properly. Press the button attached to the garage door system. The garage door remote control is likely broken if the garage door opens with the button and the batteries have been replaced. The good news is garage door remote control replacements are much more inexpensive than garage door repair.

Call Us Today

Our garage door repair company is here to help you with your garage door remote control needs. Please call us if you need garage door remote control replacement. We look forward to helping you with all of your garage door remote control needs. If you would like to find out more about our company, you can read the homepage of our website or more about garage door repair.

How Does Garage Door Weight Affect Manual & Automatic Operation?

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Manual Operation

Manually opening a garage door is the act of opening a garage door by hand and not relying on the garage door opener. Most of the time people close or open a garage door by using a garage door opener. There are very few times someone lifts a garage door manually. However, when someone lifts a garage door manually, it is usually because the garage door opener is not working properly. When manually opening a typical residential garage door, the door weight must be properly balanced for opening and closing. The balancing actually affects operation more than the weight of the door itself. An individual should only have to exert a manageable force of about 10 to 20 pounds when opening a door. During closing, a proper balance should keep the door from closing too quickly. When a door is not properly balanced it can put people at risk of serious injury. Furthermore, if the door is not balanced properly and it closes too quickly, it can cause serious damage to the garage door.

Automatic Operation

A vast majority of the time we rely upon our garage door opener to open and close our garage door. Motor-operated residential sectional doors have to be balanced correctly as well. The doors’ balance is one of many critical factors to maintain safe and proper operation of the system. An improperly adjusted door and operating system can exert forces that could result in serious injury or death. There is a risk of a person being hit by the garage door or even trapped under it. When the operator is manually disconnected from the door, a balanced door reduces the possibility that the door might drop dangerously. In addition, a balanced door helps the door and operator to achieve an optimum lifespan.

Call us if you need someone to evaluate your garage door to make sure it is balanced properly. Our garage door repair company looks forward to working with you in the future.

How Do I Change My Garage Door Spring?

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First and foremost, let us just say the answer to that question is simple. You don’t, unless you are a qualified, licensed and insured garage door technician. Even if you reference your manufacturers maintenance guide they will recommend that you never attempt to repair. For example the Genie Garage Door company states the following: “Do Not try to remove, repair or adjust springs or anything to which door spring parts are fastened such as wood block, steel brackets, cables or any other structure or like item. Repairs and adjustments must be made by a trained service representative using proper tools and instructions.” You should never tamper or tinker with a garage door spring. Many people do not know how dangerous garage door springs really can be. Garage door springs are the most dangerous part of a garage door. Tampering with or improper handling of a garage door spring can lead to serious injury or even death. Yes, garage door springs have been known to cause many deaths over the years. You should not attempt to replace a garage door spring on your own. Experienced garage door technicians are able to identify issues with a garage door spring so they are able to avoid harm. They also have the knowledge necessary to avoid putting themselves in danger.

Why are garage door springs dangerous? Garage door springs are under a great deal of tension. Most garage door springs hold hundreds of pounds worth of tension. A garage door spring can release hundreds of lbs worth of pressure within a fraction of a second. If your tools, limbs, or any other foreign object is near the spring when this happens, the injuries are usually quite severe. Additionally, when a garage door spring fails it can cause an open garage door to come crashing down. If an inexperienced person attempts to change a spring they can be seriously hurt. That brings us to our next point.

Do not hire an unlicensed or uninsured garage door company

Garage door repair or replacement is a dangerous job. The last thing you want is to have an individual who is not licensed and or insured working on your garage door. If they are injured on your property, you will be held liable for their injuries and medical bills. There are a lot of garage door repair companies in Riverside that may not be have a license or insurance. We always recommend that you check the CSLB to make sure a garage door company’s license is valid. Some garage door repair companies that may have had a valid license and insurance in the past may have had their license suspended. Choosing not to check for proper licensing may cause you to pay for someone else’s medical bills. You should only hire a licensed garage door company.

In conclusion, if you have any questions regarding your garage door or garage door springs, call us. We will be happy to assist you with all of your garage door repair needs.

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Garage Door Repair 92502

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Do you need garage door repair Riverside 92502 residents? Automated Garage Door Systems is the right garage door repair company for you. Our garage door company has spent decades providing high quality garage door services to Riverside 92502 residents. If you are looking for a company truly dedicated to their customers you have found it. No gimmicks, no bait and switch pricing, just honest service at an honest price.

More About Us

Our company works extremely hard to make sure each and every one of our customers has a great experience. We are a husband and wife team that has happily worked together over our many years in business. Our company has worked almost exclusively off of referrals from our past customers for over 25 years. Therefore, we cannot put into words how much our customers mean to us. Furthermore, our goal is to really help people. We have found when we genuinely work in our customers best interests, they will use our company time and again. There are companies that may try to take advantage of customers, we are not one of those companies.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Additionally, we are also affordably priced. Our garage door repair company is bonded, licensed, and insured for your protection and ours. Hiring unlicensed garage door repair companies is an extreme risk. Garage door torsion springs are under a high amount of tension. Inexperienced garage door repair techs can be injured easily when dealing with garage doors. If they are injured while on your property you can be held liable for their injuries. Check the California State Licensing Board before hiring a company. You always want to make sure they are licensed. It only takes a couple of moments and can protect you and the garage door contractor from harm too. Furthermore, if unlicensed garage door repair companies are not hired due to a lack of license, they will more inclined to get a license.

Call Us Today

Call Automated Garage Door Systems for all of your garage door repair service needs. We are local, reliable, responsible, affordable, licensed, insured and genuinely care about your experience with our company. We look forward to hearing from you Riverside 92502 residents.